Thirty Days to Easter

Pastor Dale Oquist
People's Church
65 pages
80 minutes


Longing for a more meaningful celebration of the resurrection? Wish you had a deeper relationship with Jesus?

30 Days To Easter will guide you as walk toward Easter. You’ll gather with a small group to study and respond to four invitations from Jesus. Each day, you’ll connect with Jesus with thirty days of individual devotions. In your journey toward Easter, you’ll move closer to the Savior and build relationships with other like-minded individuals.

Easter Sunday is the most attended service of the year, which means you have an increased number of unconnected or unchurched people attending your upcoming service.

So How are You Preparing for It?

30 Days to Easter will engage you and your congregation as you walk toward Easter. You'll gather with a small group to study and respond to four invitations from Jesus. Each day, you'll connect with Jesus with 30 days of individual devotions and move closer to the Savior, building relationships with others in your congregation and community.

Jesus, while he lived on earth, invited all people into relationship with God through him. He also made a number of specific invitations. This one-month study looks at four of those invitations:

  • Come and Follow
  • Take and Eat
  • Watch and Pray
  • Go and Tell

How you respond to those invitations will shape your faith and your life. But responding to them in the context of community also has the potential to be life-changing. And that’s exactly what this study invites you to do.

Small Group Kit includes 8 Study Guides and DVD. See below to Order.

CASE STUDY: More than 100% Congregation Engagement

Dale Oquist, Lead Pastor of Peoples Church in Fresno, CA partnered with Lifetogether for the 4-part sermon series, "30 Days to Easter." 

"As a result, we were able to connect over 100% of the average adult weekly attendance. In a church of about 4000, around 420 groups were launched to connect his congregation and encourage them to bring friends and neighbors in the community.

The fruit and the harvest that came from it was amazing and the series helped pack the house on Easter Sunday."

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