Crazy Generosity

Pastor Rick Long
Grace Church Arvada
114 pages


He is not just generous, but he is “crazy” generous. God gave His own Son. No one’s generosity can top that.

God’s generosity extends to other precious gifts He’s given to us. In addition to salvation, God has given us our life and breath, our time, our talent, and our treasure. The beauty of generosity isn’t merely the receiving of gifts, but the giving of gifts. We are most like God when we are generous.

Crazy Generosity isn’t an appeal to the church building fund. Crazy Generosity is an invitation to a life of freedom from the demands of life and materialism that weighs us down. Crazy Generosity frees us from the demands of the “have to’s” and releases us to the joys of the “want to’s.” After all, what’s more rewarding, paying a bill because someone demands it or giving a gift no one expects?

Join us on a journey that is both crazy and wonderful and discover a freedom in Christ you’ve never experienced before.

The Crazy Generosity series has become our number one semi-custom curriculum series used by churches for a basic stewardship series. This four-week series on time, talent, treasure, and trust is guaranteed to raise the level of your regular giving. It can be a perfect companion to a four-week series any time in the year, a fall kick-off series, or a January stewardship initiative, or it can be aligned with a capital campaign.

This series is plug-and-play, complete with a 100-page study guide, small group scripts, sermon outlines, marketing materials, and much more. All you need to do is host a shoot, teach four small group sessions on video, record optional weekly testimonials, and upload your congregational photos for the covers. We’ll personalize the covers and you’re ready to roll!

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