Hope Rising: When Life Makes Faith Difficult

Pastor Gene Appel
Eastside Christian Church

Study Guide
117 pages

6 sessions
Runtime approx. 12 mins per session

Hope is a big deal. We need it.

It’s one of the parts of life that we can honestly say we never have enough of. You’ve probably never heard someone say, “I’ve got all the hope I need. My hope tank is completely full and overflowing.” Most of us face each day looking for a little more hope. And one of the things about others that we find fascinating is when we notice they are hopeful. We want to know what gives them hope. We long to figure out if where they find hope is a place we can find hope, too.



CASE STUDY: More than 400 New Groups Launched

Gene Appel, Senior Pastor of three megachurches, decided only 4 weeks from Easter to partner with Lifetogether to create a breakthrough series called "Hope Rising" to launch on Easter Sunday.

The net result was that well over 100% of his Easter Sunday attendance launched 400 new groups and over 4000 people were connected in a single Sunday. The 5-part sermon series was shot on a single day with Gene's teachings and 30 unique testimonies.

All Gene had to do was share with us his Easter Sunday sermon series, which we then wrote, designed, and produced into a series with a full-color, magazine style curriculum containing over 200 congregational photos.