6 to 12 Month Top 100 Churches Coaching Program

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6 to 12 Month Top 100 Churches Coaching Program
6 to 12 Month Top 100 Churches Coaching Program
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Lessons from the Largest and Fastest Growing Churches in America

6 to 12 Month Coaching Program Includes:

Ministry Assessment

  • Establish the initial and ongoing relationship with key staff
  • Complete an initial comprehensive assessment and ongoing evaluation
  • Create the ministry plan, objectives and a master calendar

One-On-One Coaching Calls

  • Primarily for senior pastor & leadership team
  • Includes regular and infrequent sessions with staff members, ministry team leaders, and key volunteers.
  • Sessions serve as a deeper dive on strategic topics plus accountability and preparation for team meetings

Virtual Team Meetings

  • Designed to address strategic topics selected from the Top 100 learnings
  • Serve as a review of the progress and renewal of next-step plans
  • Targeting strategic leadership and ministry teams

Live Interviews with Leading Pastors

  • Learn behind the scenes lessons and insights that helped discover breakthrough innovations
  • Experience a front row seat to live interviews with pastors from churches across the country
  • Understand what makes a pastor learn and lead in challenging times

Online Tool Box

  • Training videos for senior pastors and staff
  • Exclusive Top 100 articles and downloads
  • Live case studies from the leading churches
  • Teaching materials and session downloads
  • Webinars with Brett and faculty of Pastors
  • Small group and volunteer training materials

Session Description Video:

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