Annual Sermon & Weekend Planning Program (6 Sessions)

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Annual Sermon & Weekend Planning Program (6 Sessions)


  • Senior Pastors
  • Worship Leaders
  • Creative Teams
  • Associate Pastors
  • Executive Pastors


  1. Discover emerging processes and patterns for sermon preparation and creative programming learned from the larger and faster growing churches in America.
  2. Engage in Proven ways to expedite and multiply your time in Sermon planning and weekend programming.
  3. Discover a global village of resources available to pastors and church leaders wanting to enhance and improve their preaching and teaching ministry
  4. Learn proven practices on how to develop sermon series around the go to topics including relationships, finances, life for Christ, marriage, Vision series, Advent, Lent, etc.
  5. Breakthrough methods on finding more and better sermon series That will engage your congregation and energize your preaching ministry
  6. Learn how to multiply your time and invest your resources in practices that enhance the creativity, variety and professional presentation on the weekend.
  7. Learn how to begin with the end in mind of challenging people to take spiritual next steps into membership, leadership, volunteer roles, small groups, classes, inviting others, sharing their faith, etc.
  8. Learn how to recruit and develop larger and more skilled team for Sermon planning and weekend programming
  9. Honestly Evaluate your last three years of preaching and weekend programming and Develop a proactive and progressive strategy for the next three years
  10. Learn how to repurpose your past sermon series into multiple other resources from small group curriculum , Social Media, video devotionals, and even writing books.
  11. Exponentially multiply the sheer number of creative sermon series ideas, fresh new outlines and break out visuals for this next year.
  12. Learn not only how to prepare and deliver an effective sermon series but call out greater levels of commitment, behavior change and real life transformation in the lives of your people
  13. Be renewed and refreshed in your call to the preaching and teaching ministry.
  14. Discover emerging models and unlimited sources on how to preach the top 15 sermon series that most pastors will deliver over the course of the 18 to 24 month period.
  15. Learning fresh approaches and programming ideas patterns to help you create single weekend sermon series, like Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Mother’s Day, Vision Sundays, church anniversaries, baptism Sundays, and New Year messages etc.
  16. Learn new ways to create momentum Coming back in the fall, leading into the new year or carrying the summer season.
  17. Discover more progressive and creative ways to manage your annual preaching calendar
  18. Learn new ways to bring out the best in managing your weekend creative team, Worship team, graphic arts, and technical support teams
  19. Learn new methods and models for developing major sermon based alignment campaigns, to connect the entire congregation into groups
  20. Learn how to leverage Your life, leadership and even legacy by developing resources well before and beyond the weekend services.
  21. Learn how to leverage technology and media to multiply your life before, during and after weekend services.
  22. Learn how to discover and develop more progressive, creative and innovative sermon series
  23. Learn how to develop in house video curriculum and churchwide campaigns that connect to your entire congregation into community