Heart of Mercy - Study Guide (8.5"x11")

Heart of Mercy - Study Guide (8.5"x11")

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Welcome to the Heart of Mercy

Jesus wants us to live merciful lives even through seasons of conflict with others that can challenge us to not just know about mercy, but to practice it.

As Christians, the greatest opportunity we have to prove our faith is when we are rejected or when we are hurting, whether emotionally or physically. This is why Jesus told the leaders of His day in Matthew 9 that He didn’t come to earth to witness their religious practices, but rather, He came to teach mercy and they should learn what it means. Wow! That is powerful, isn’t it?

God has wonderful plans for you and me, but we can get stuck and never realize His great plans if we don’t understand what He requires of us. As you will discover, mercy is of highest importance! As we work through this guide, we will learn exactly what it means to show mercy, and how our daily choices either grow or inhibit this important spiritual discipline.

This study guide is accompanied by a six-session video teaching series. Ideally, participants will complete the study individually, then join with their small group to watch the video and discuss the study guide questions together.

May the Good Lord speak right to the center of your heart and may we all be merciful followers of Christ.